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Page, Arizona
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Page,AZ is home to some pretty incredible sights! It has become a hot spot for adventurers looking to explore slot canyons, lakes & other natural wonders such as Antelope Canyon (guided tour needed for access), Horseshoe Bend and Lake Powell. 

It's a beautiful, scenic drive that will take you through Kanab. Below are our suggestions for a full day in Page, AZ

Things to Note:

  • If Antelope Canyon is in your plans, you do need to make a reservation with a tour guide (~$50+). More info is in the columns below. This is one of the most popular things to do in Page so make sure to reserve as early as possible

  • Lake Powell is it an all-time low for water levels. Please be mindful of your water use when visiting this region.

Pictured: Horesehoe Bend

Christina's Trip Tips:

Below is a full-day recommendation and our recommendations for tours & gear rentals around Page.  I strongly recommend downloading and using AllTrails, it's a great tool for researching hikes.

Keep in mind that Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend are very popular, see tips below for ways to beat the crowd. I've mixed in a few of my favorite hikes that are en route to or from Page with the more popular scenic stops/hikes.  If you have any questions or feedback please message me and let me know!

IMPORTANT: ALWAYS check websites prior to your trip to ensure all roads/hikes are open.

Conditions change all the time!

Full-Day: Cane Beds to Page with 2 Hikes (all En Route, see map below)

1st Hike: Slot Canyon Hike, Wirepass to Buckskin Gulch

Leave by 7:30AM, try to eat breakfast at Cane Beds so you can get to the trailhead as early as possible.

Wirepass to Buckskin Gulch (6 miles, 2.5-3 hrs, easy) This is one of our favorite hikes through STUNNING slot canyons (6 miles, 2.5-3 hrs, easy).

You need to get the $6.00 permit prior to the hike- you won't have service so be sure to save it to your phone prior.  


Head 20 min to Page for lunch! Birdhouse is one of our favorite lunch spots- they have the best chicken sandwiches (closed Sundays)! Sunset 89 is another great one if you like Asian-fusion

Check Out Horseshoe Bend

At this point, you'll be in the heart of Page, AZ feel free to explore! Head to Horseshoe Bend, it's a short 10-15 min walk from the parking lot. Parking costs $10.00

After you're done exploring Page, the next hike will be on the way back to us


Hike #2

Toadstools Trailhead (2 miles, 1 hr, easy) This is an easily accessible hike (parking is right off the highway) that takes you to some amazing views of toadstools. The hike ends in the west so it's perfect to end the day there and watch sunset.


If you prefer to eat out, Wild Thyme in Kanab is my favorite restaurant in Kanab!

Full-Day: With Antelope Canyon

Unique Experiences + Tour Reccomendations

Antelope Canyon Info

For Antelope Canyon, you must book a guided tour prior to your trip. The famous portions of the canyon are Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon. These are located in the same area and you can either visit both or choose one. Upper Canyon is the more popular/crowded portion. To avoid crowds, we recommend booking a tour of the Lower Canyon. Canyon X is a great company to go with if you want to avoid crowds and still get an amazing experience & photos of the canyon.

Check Out Horseshoe Bend

At this point, you'll be in the heart of Page, AZ feel free to explore! Head to Horseshoe Bend, it's a short 10-15 min walk from the parking lot. Parking costs $10.00

<< See Previous Column

The first column has our suggestions for lunch- Page does have lots of food options!

If you want to fit in one more hike, Wirepass would be good if you prefer a longer hike, Toadstool is great for a shorter hike/sunset. All details are in the left column.


Antelope Canyon

Upper Canyon:

(Navajo Owned) Antelope Canyon Tours

Upper Antelope

Lower Canyon:

Canyon X (our top suggestion)

Ken's Tours (they offer great combo packages)

Lower Antelope Canyon Tours

Keep in Mind: Antelope Canyon is located on Navajo Nation land, please be respectful. Masks are required. Full list of tours here

Kayak Down Lake Powell

Lake Powell has a ton of kayaking, paddle boarding and boating options.

If you're looking to rent a paddleboard or kayak, check out this rental company

Looking to Avoid the Crowds?

Horseshoe Bend Tours

Looking to avoid the crowds? We got your back: book a guided tour with these guys! They will take you on a lesser-known slot canyon tour to Secret Canyon AND take you to a private viewpoint of Horseshoe Bend! All the views minus the crowds!


Map to Page: Full Day 2 Hikes + Lunch & Dinner Stops

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