"The world we know is dwarfed by the ones we don't, why not explore them all?"- Ferenik

Among all of the geographic areas of the United States, Arizona encompasses the beauty of the American Southwest in a way that almost defies description. 

The drastic elevation changes in Arizona result in a wide variety of geographic features: the deserts encompass the Southern part of the state while the Northern part, which is where we are located, is scattered with deep-cut canyons and beautiful red rock.

Cane Beds, Arizona


Arizona's climate is arid and semi-arid, with average annual; precipitation ranging from 3 in the southwest to 13 in the northern parts.

The average summer daytime temperatures range between 95-115F with cool summer nights in the low 50s.

During the winter you can expect day time temperatures in the 50s with nights frequently dropping into the 20s

Overall, due to the low precipitation rates, you can expect a lot of sunshine, dry heat, and crisp, cool nights.


Cane Beds would be considered a remote, isolated location. If you come for a shopping spree or gourmet food, you will be disappointed. However:

  • We have several trailheads within a 15-minute drive

  • We are located less than 10 minutes from a gas station and Bee's Market Place, a full-sized grocery store

  • We have about 10 restaurants with a 30-minute radius

Most of our guests choose to grocery shop during their stay and grill on-site or visit a few of the local restaurants near us. More information on food recommendations can be found here.


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